Custom design water features and/or rock work can add uniqueness & tranquility to any environment. They can create a focal point to the entrance to a home or a tranquil retreat for a back yard. Whether you are interested in adding this type of feature, modifying one that already exists, or just some repair or general maintenance, PSG has the experience to help through all, or anyone, of the different stages of water feature decision making. Talk with a PSG water feature expert to find out what we can do for you.


Can be designed in any shape and sized for any area & equipped to accommodate plants and fish.



Beautiful to look at these features can be regulated to provide a subtle background sound or mask a louder sound of road traffic



These features are effect in creating an aesthetic focal point along with a pleasing sound. These features also offer the opportunity to avoid the algae problems often associated with open water features.



Provide a visually pleasing way to transport water form on point to another or create some diversity as part of a larger water feature. These are often designed as disappearing to avoid the issues associated with pools of water.

45 disappearing stream (45)