The first decision in any water feature is whether to use Salt Water or Fresh Water.

Salt water inhibits algae growth and requires minimum filtration but will not support fish or plant life.

Fresh water supports fish & plants but requires aggressive filtration.

While fish and water plants appeal to many people, choosing to include them in any water feature impacts the issues of design, equipment & maintenance.


Plants flourish on the water surface or provide visual height in the shallows or on the shore line. They can add character, color and dimension to any water feature, but they can require greater attention to water chemistry and limit the options available to treat for algae. If you would like help in selecting, placing or caring for your water plants, contact a PSG pond specialist

53 lilies


Fish will typically require a deeper pond, better filtration and higher water turnover. Fish can also be subject to disease that may require special water treatment. The presence of fish also limits the number of options you have in treating for algae. If you would like some help in selecting fish species or dealing with some disease problems, contact a PSG pond specialist.

54 Pond with fish (54)