Lawns can suffer from all kinds of damage. Sprinkler pipes break, bugs infest the turf, trees are uprooted, mold destroys root systems or heavy equipment leaves deep ruts in the surface. Depending on the source of the problem and extent of the damage there are several approaches to re-establishing or improving the original look. Let a PSG professional look at your problem and tell you about the options available, the pros & cons of each and the associated costs.

Repair Work

Any damage & the source of that damage needs to be addressed before any renovation can begin. This may involve addressing drainage issues, fixing broken pipes, back filling & leveling depressions or adjusting the soil density or chemistry.



Is probably the least expensive approach in dealing with a lawn that become sparse or adding new turf to an area where there is no grass at all. The down side to seeding or over-seeding, is that new growth takes some time and is more vulnerable to weed growth & pet damage. Where any of these issues become a problem, then using sod is a better option.


Sod Work

While slightly more expensive than seeding, sod avoids the problems associated with mud & weeds and provides an immediate fix to any visual damage.