If you have an existing water feature in need of repair, if you are unhappy with the level of maintenance it requires or would like to upgrade its features or systems, PSG has the professionals & experience to help. Here are a few of the many ways we can help.

Pond Clean-out & refill

Older ponds become overwhelmed with debris, plant life becomes overgrown and water quality deteriorates beyond the point of salvage. If you face any of these problems PSG can help.


Waterscape Renovation & Modification

If you want to freshen the look of your current water feature, expand its size or change its look, PSG will look at your feature, listen to your concerns and provide recommendations and cost estimates to help you achieve the changes you desire.

Replacing old or leaking liners

Liners typically last about 10 years but can suffer tears & punctures for any number of reasons. Minor leaks can often be repaired, but in many cases it is more cost effective to replace the liner


Water Clarification

Green and or murky water take away from the visual appeal of any feature, but usually respond well to various mean of clarification. If you can no longer see through the water in your feature and are tired of fighting the problem yourself, it’s time to call a PSG specialist.

66 Pond with green water

Equipment Repair, Replacement & Upgrades

Equipment ages and weather conditions take their toll on pumps & filters and in many cases new technology offers better service and lower maintenance. If you are less than happy with how your equipment is working for you, let a PSG specialist make some suggestions.