Poor System Design


Quality System Design


The appeal of any water feature and its ability to sustain aquatic life, is largely determine by the quality of the water. Clarity is best controlled through filtration, algae responds best to UV light & aeration is most effective in supporting fish health. All of these need moving water, which requires a pump. If you are planning a new feature or find that your current system is no longer giving you picture perfect results, now is a good time to talk to one of our specialist. The best and lowest maintenance water features typically utilize a combination of the following resources, a PSG professional can help you decide what is best for you.


Pumps can be either submergible or land based, 120 or 220 voltage, but the selection is largely based on the amount of water in the feature and the amount of flow required to produce the desired effect.



Filters are either mechanical or biological in nature, the first being effective in removing particles from the water and the later doing a better job removing chemical contaminants


UV Light

While filters do a good job of removing algae particles from the water they do not destroy the living organism so it continues to reproduce itself. UV lights on the other hand do destroy the living algae and therefore have a better long term effectiveness on algae. They don’t however remove particals.



Aeration is beneficial to both plant and fish life and is also effective in reducing algae