Whether you have a water feature or maybe interested in one, you first need to define what you want it to accomplish for you. Size, setting, sounds, plantings and rock work are just a few of the things to be considered. Here are two of the primary design points your PSG consultant will begin with to insure that your feature provides you with long term enjoyment. Regardless of your interest, our professional can design or modify any feature to meet your identified needs.

What you want to see

Create a focal point for an entrance, a tranquil retreat, a deep water view of fish, tall grasses, a small sitting area or an expansive water garden.


What you want to hear

The sound of water can be very tranquil or full of energy depending on how and where it falls & flows. It can provide a subtle background sound or it mask traffic noise from a busy street. Also different sounds appeal to different people. Flowing water burbles and falling water splashes. Water falling on rocks sounds different from falling on shallow water which is different than falling on deep water.