Once the aesthetic goals are established and the location & size are determined, the design phase begins. This is the most important phase in any project since it largely determines the over-all cost to the customer. PSG designers take special time & effort to involve the customer in every aspect of the design and will offer recommendations on settings, physical layout, landscape and systems design. Based on the customer input we can provide guidance in the selection of material, the type of construction, the equipment needed and address any logistical issues that may apply to the property or site selected. Our goal is to make sure you get the feature you want, in the most time and cost efficient manner.


Many factors impact the cost of construction. Access for equipment, the size & depth of the feature, the inclusion of special features i.e. (planting shelves, streams & waterfalls), the access to power and the relocation of wiring or sprinkler lines to name just a few. Planning ahead with a PSG construction manager can save many headaches.



Basic material choices such as liner material vs concrete can make a big difference in construction cost and finish materials often establish the overall feel of the feature. Massive rocks & tall plantings can create a completely separate environment, offering a pleasant retreat. Let a PSG site specialist help you create the feeling that is right for you.