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Schedule Fall pruning and/or Clean-ups in October and receive 15% off.

Fall Information & Suggestions

Fall Fertilization
This is the most important fertilization of the year. Applied in mid October, this slow release application has a high Phosphorous & Potash content, which provides stable nutrition throughout the semi-dormant stages of winter.

Sprinkler Blow-outs
Canals & irrigation systems will be shut down and cooler temperatures are slowing turf growth. Now is the time to schedule your sprinkler blow-out. PSG has performed over 500 blow-outs per year since 1995 and is one of the few companies providing a written report and a full guarantee on all of its’ work. Call now to schedule, even if you want a later date service.

Fall Pruning & Clean-up
Now is the time to prepare trees, shrubs & beds for winter.

Gutter Clean-outs
Now is the time to make sure your gutters can handle the fall & winter rains & snow melts. Leaves & other debris can plug gutters & down spouts, causing extensive roof damage. Call PSG to schedule.

Mowing heights for most lawns, should now be at 2.5″ And the final mowing for the season should be as short as possible to minimize the possibility of snow mold.

mowing for fall