Special Offers

For those who have, or are interested in, water features PSG is offering 25% off on all construction, modification or maintenance work relating to any water feature or rock work. Design and or consulting associated with this work will also be provided free of charge.

Summer Information & Suggestions

Mid-Summer Fertilization
Now is the time to apply a second high nitrogen application to sustain strong top growth & color. A strong healthy plant will be the best protection from fungus, heat damage & insects that typically begin to threaten lawns as daytime & nighttime temperatures continue to rise.

Water Features & Rockscapes
Custom designed water features and/or rock work can add uniqueness & tranquility to any environment. They can create a focal point to the entrance of a home or a tranquil retreat for a back yard.

Mid-season Pruning & Shaping
While this is not the time for extensive pruning, aggressive spring growth often distorts the desired size or shape of shrubs and suckers and saplings take away the desire development of trees. Now is the time to reshape your plantings so that any continued growth enhances the health & aesthetic appeal of the plant.

Average daytime temperatures now begin to rise into the 90’s, so most lawns will again to require more water. Depending on the area being watered and the amount of shade, if any, watering times per station may run up to 60 minutes with a frequency of three times a week. If more moisture is required for any reason, it is best to add a second cycle rather than increase the run time on each station. Make sure your lawn is not watered 24 hours before it is scheduled to be cut, because wet grass tends to tear and not cut evenly.

Mowing heights for most lawns, should be maintained at 3.0″