Special Offers

  1. Customers hiring Personal Services Group to pick-up deliver & plant trees & shrubs will receive 15% to 25% off the cost of all nursery products involved through the entire month of May.
  1. All yard maintenance projects(decks, fences, turf, ponds, etc.) contracted in the month of May will receive a 20% discount off the total project cost up to a max of $150.
  1. All Landscape consulting & design services are free for any projects Personal Services Group performs.
  1. Whether you are interested in exploring the addition of a water feature, looking for a clean-out or maintenance service or just need help with water quality, Personal Services Group is offering the following Pond Service Specials:
  • Consultation & Design Services – FREE
  • New or Modification Construction – 20% off Project costs
  • Maintenance & Repair Services – 15% off Standard Fees

Spring Information & Suggestions

Tree & Shrub Planting & Removal

Now is the time to buy & plant new trees & shrubs. Nursery inventories will be at their season high with the best quality stock. Selection will be good and materials will be competitively priced as vendors try to take advantage of the new growing season.

Ponds & Water Features

        Most water features are now up & running, but as temperatures warm, any weaknesses in the systems begin to show. Weak water  flow, poor filtration, algae blooms and a lack of adequate aeration begin to impact water quality & clarity. If you are having any of these or other problems, call us for a free consultation.

Early Summer Fertilization

            Now is the time to add a high nitrogen application to promote strong top growth & color. A strong healthy plant will be the best protection from the fungus, heat damage & insects that typically begin to threaten lawns as daytime & night time temperatures rise in the month of June.


Mowing heights for most lawns, should be maintained at  2.5″


Average daytime temperatures typically remain below 70, so most lawns should not require more than 20 minutes of water per station about twice a week.  Make sure your lawn is not watered 24 hours before it is scheduled to be cut, because wet grass tends to tear and not cut evenly.

General Maintenance

This is a good time to freshen the look of outdoor wood features such as decks, fences & arbors. Faded finishes, water marks & black mold often mar the appearance of these features, but can be easily addressed thru power washing and the application of new stains.