Turf can become stressed by any number of things including, adverse soil conditions, poor nutrition, temperature extremes and either too much or too little water. Regardless of the cause stressed turf is most likely to succumb to disease and insects and as it witheres, it gives way to more hardy weeds & trash grasses such as Crab & Quack Grass. http://getresultsmedia.com/en-CA/visa-royale_01-05-2020

While the best defense is always a pre-emptive approach, there are sill things you can do once the source of the problem has been identified zodiac casino online.

rafonix najlepsze teksty Fungus problems usually stem from to much moisture and can typically come from a spring season that is very wet or over watering, although even a health lawn can be infested by fungus from a neighboring property.

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Turf loses color & begins to thin or wilt and eventually dies out leaving bare soil spots

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Application of a broad spectrum fungicide to an area at least 5′ around the infected area if only a few spot exist. Otherwise treat the entire lawn.

Insect problems wwe online usually occur when average temperatures start to rise above 78 and when the turf becomes stressed by other causes. However, even healthy lawns can be infected from adjacent properties.

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Turf loses color & begins to thin or wilt and eventually dies out leaving bare soil spots.

Application of a broad spectrum insecticide to the entire lawn ( preferably in June before temperatures rise). If a problem already exists, be sure to use a product that remains effective in the soil for 8 to 10 weeks. Many retail products will kill the living insect but do not remain in the soil.

Weed problems often involve more than just weeds & include clover & any number of trash grasses such as crab and quack grass. While stressed turf encourages weed growth, many weed problems stem from air bourne seeds or planting by bird droppings

Turf is crowded out by unwanted plant life that is more hardy and has a more aggressive growth pattern

While most broad leaf weeds can be treated with standard weed killers, clovers & trash grasses require products that specifically target their leaf or pore structure. The most effective products tend to be in liquid form and are applied only to the infected areas.

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