Like all living things, turf requires proper nutrition to prosper and struggles when stressed by disease or parasites. To insure the best results, PSG pays close attention to temperature & soil conditions and adjusts the timing of applications to suit each lawn.

PSG uses only timed released granular products to avoid chemical burning & to insure an even release of nutrients, rather than the highs and lows associated with liquid products. While all fertilizers contain their stated amounts of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium, many of the lesser quality products are not formulated for timed release and most do not contain the key trace elements that make such a difference in turf health

While PSG offers up to 7 applications, the needs of each lawn & the interest of each customer differ, so you can elect to use one or any combination for the applications listed below.

If you want to know the current soil composition of your lawn before choosing a fertilization package, PSG will take a soil sample and provide you with the test results along with their recommendations.

Each of our applications or treatments has been identified below so that you can better understand the purpose of each and the approximate timing.


Sample Cost for

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Applied in Feb. or early March (depending on temperature), this treatment stops crab grasses & most broad leaf weeds from germination.

3000sq.ft 8000sq.ft 15000sq.ft
$29.00 $52.00 $84.00

Spring Fertilization

Applied in March, this high nitrogen application, with trace elements, supports root growth and general plant health.

3000sq.ft 8000sq.ft 15000sq.ft
$28.00 $49.00 $78.00

Early Summer Weed & Feed – I

Applied in May, this high nitrogen mix, including trace elements, provides a timed released application supporting strong color, top growth and deters early weed growth.

3000sq.ft 8000sq.ft 15000sq.ft
$28.00 $49.00 $78.00

Annual Lawn Insect Treatment

Applied in mid to late June (depending on Temperatures) this application provides a full season of protection against above & below ground insects such as grubs & bill bugs.

3000sq.ft 8000sq.ft 15000sq.ft
$42.00 $86.00 $148.00

Mid-Summer Weed & Feed – II

Applied in July, this high nitrogen application, with trace elements, supports general plant health and deters mid-season weeds.

3000sq.ft 8000sq.ft 15000sq.ft
$28.00 $49.00 $78.00

Iron/Humus Application

Applied in early August, this mixture helps turf tolerate the most intense temperatures of summer & promotes a strong green color when most lawns tend to yellow & show signs of heat stress. Applying nitrogen based products in the high heat of summer is not effective since grasses can not assimilate nitrogen in temperatures over 85 degrees.

3000sq.ft 8000sq.ft 15000sq.ft
$62.00 $141.00 $251.00

Fall Nutrient Fertilization

Applied in October, this slow release application is probably the most important of the year. This product has a high Phosphorus & Potash content which provides stable nutrition throughout the semi-dormant stages of winter.

3000sq.ft 8000sq.ft 15000sq.ft
$30.00 $54.00 $88.00