PSG currently provides lawn care for 140 commercial & residential properties. Our average client has been with us for over ten years. We pride ourselves on our experienced staff, reliable service & individualized care of each customers lawn. The same staff arrive at the same time and provide the same service every week assuring familiarity with your property and accountability for all services.

Mowing heights are seasonally adjusted to reflect changes in temperature and moisture or as directed by each customer. Lawns that we mow are inspected at each mowing to check for irrigation, fungus, insect or weed problems which are reported to the owner immediately to prevent any further damage.

Standard services include pattern mowing, edging, trimming, spot treatment of lawn weeds, blowing off all hard surfaces & the removal of clippings.


All Hard surfaces are edged every week


Lawn weeds are spot treated every mowing


All hard surfaces are blown off every mowing


All clippings and debris are removed each mowing


Regular customers are sent a bill at the end of each month for all services performed with payment due by the 10th of the following month.



The costs for full service mowing for residential properties begin as low as $25 and are adjusted based on the size of the property,
obstacles, the difficulty of terrain and the amount of trimming required.

Here are a few base prices for your information. Please call for an exact price for your property.